Robotics club conducted its second workshop on 30th September 2018. The Workshop was held on the topic of Printed Circuit Board.

Over 55 students from different branches and years of students had attended the workshop. The workshop was held in LC-01.

The workshop began by Adarsh providing the students a brief introduction to Printed Circuit Boards. The students were given a basic idea on the types, making and functioning of PCB.In the next session, Shreyas started by teaching the students how to create a basic schematic on Proteus, the students were also taught about the types and uses of millions of libraries present in Proteus. Later the students were taught to constructthe final circuit’s schematics which was to be done on PCB.

The noon’s session began with Bhuvanesh giving the students a brief idea on creating a PCB layout on Proteus ARES. The students were then taught on how to transfer the circuit’s schematics on to the PCB. The session went on to include the process of exporting the PCB layout in pdf and gerber files.Meanwhile the volunteers carried out the job of etching the final PCB and drilling the holes for component placement. As soon as the noon’s first session ended the students were given the job of component and placement under the supervision of volunteers. All the teams were able to complete their PCB and were able to do a working circuit in PCB.

The session was concluded at 4:30 P.M, the students were also advised to practice on to become a pro at making of PCB.