The First workshop of IoT on Programming with Arduino was conducted by IoT club Under CFSI. The venue, date, time are as follows,

Venue: PG Research Lab, LC Block, NMAMIT

Date: 01/09/2018, Saturday

Time: 2:00PM to 4:30PM

The workshop has successfully covered the following topics,

Brief Introduction of Arduino Microcontroller boards

Basic Keywords and Variable declarations

LED Blink Program

LED Fade Program

Proximity Sensor Program

Ultrasonic Sensor Program

Small Talk on Mini Projects

The Resource Person of the workshop is Rajath Ramesh Bhat, 5th semester ECE dept. Designated as the President of IoT club under CFSI.


The volunteers who actively organized the workshop are,

Mr. Rajath Ramesh Bhat

Mr. Harshit SK

Mr. Alfaf A. Shaikh

Mr. Shravan R Pai

Mr. Vilton Sequeira

43 Students attended the Workshop. For those who couldn’t attend will be called batch-2, they will have the same workshop as batch-1. While on the same weekend we’ll be conducting other workshops and sessions for the rest of the students and so on.

After conducting a feedback survey, the only point which was stressed was the students needed the session to last longer.