Year of Inception : 2013 – 2014



Faculty coordinator  Mr. Mohan Poojari, Dept of Mech  

Student coordinators for the year 2016-17 : Mr. Kshithij, Mr. Karan


  • Team Nitte Racing is the off- road racing team of NMAMIT.
  • Every year the team designs and fabricates an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to participate in the SAE Baja, an off-road competition held in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
  • The team comprises of 25 students from the department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Students use their skills in various sub-systems such as:
    1. Suspension
    2. Steering
    3. Brakes
    4. Transmission
    5. hassis and Fabrication
  • Till date the team has built 3 ATVs.


Student Achievements

    • The team has participated thrice in BAJA SAE-India in the years 2014, 2015 and 2017 held in Indore.
    • TNR has also participated in Mega ATV Championship in the year 2016 and 2017 held in Ahmednagar.
    • Current year the team participated in SAE BAJA in the month of February. A group of 20 students had participated.
    • A group of 12 students had participated in Mega ATV Championship in Ahmednagar in the month of March 2017.

Activities conducted (2018-2019):

Started from August 2017, the team formation and planning was completed.

The team of 48 members were recruited after a brief test and interview process conducted by 12 core members of the team. 12 core members divided into 3 subsystem having 4 members in each- Steering and Suspension, chassis and Drive train and brakes sub system were divided and 48 members were split respectively.

The teams started with design and analysis, starting from prototyping by a PVC pipe model, from the 3d cad design done in CATIA V5 and Solidworks. The design was optimized and modified to improve performance and later analyzed using ANSYS and LOTUS Shark.

The fabrication phase started from the month of May 2018 and vehicle was tested for its ability. AISI 4130 was used for chassis, Aluminum for Wheel assembly, and gearbox. Custom wheel assembly, gearbox, chassis, pedal column, steering column was designed and fabricated in house in the workshop.

“WANDERER” the 2019 vehicle was launched on 1ST February 2019, boasting an overall weight of 150Kgs with 2.3 meter turning radius. An overall weight of 100kgs was reduced from the 2016 vehicle PHEONIX. The vehicle comprising of only engine and master cylinder as an OEM part was used, whereas all other parts were custom built and fabricated by the team.